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Provide high quality natural raw materials

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Provide high quality natural raw materials

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About us
Focus on research, production and marketing of healthy plant extracts.
Providing high quality natural raw materials

  Hunan nuoz Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has long focused on the research, production and sales of health plant extracts, providing high quality natural raw materials for domestic and foreign natural drugs, health food, beverage and daily chemical products manufacturers. The comprehensive solution of pesticide residues, residual plasticizers and heavy metal residues in plant extracts will create higher value for the stakeholders of the value chain, and provide a healthy plant extract series for all human beings.
  As a professional enterprise based on the deep processing o...[+more]

About us


Provide health for human beings
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noble creatures will go to Switzerland for the Vitafoods Exhibition

noble creatures will go to Swi...

Today, Hunan will take part in a three d... [+more]

2017 years of Asian Vitafoods Asia, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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Congratulations on our company

Congratulations on our company

In September 6, 2017, the Vitafoods Asia... [+more]

The chairman of the people

The chairman of the people

Chen Jianhua, chairman of Yiyang Ziyang ... [+more]

The European international pharmaceutical raw material exhibition is held.

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The twenty-seventh European internationa... [+more]

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